Monday, 26 August 2013

Freshen Up.

So it's pretty obvious I have been on a hiatus, but for good reason I promise.

I'm now interning with ACCLAIM magazine, and freelancing as a stylist. 
So I've been busy busy working hard for my dolla$ and I'll be able to share some of my work with you soon.

But for now here is a sneak peek at some outtakes from a recent shoot I styled.

Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming Melbourne Spring Fashion Week content as well.

Jamie x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Raver Days.

I CANNOT wait until the new Di$count Universe swag hits stores.
You can grab a few of these items already from the EstateofMind store in Sydney, or online here
I'll be getting those crazy slides on my feet ASAP. 

via here

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

London Collections: Menswear Trend Report

LCM: Trend Report. 

It’s a boy girl thing. 
The art of gender blurring has hit both sides of the fashion fence. Women toughening up with some androgyny and men getting feminine in fluid fabrics. The LCM catwalks proved formal masculinity is reaching new dreamy, sensual proportions, and they look damn fine doing it. Besides the shapes the palette has also embraced it’s feminine side with heavy dark colours being substituted for light and airy pastels on delicate fabrics. There is no longer a definite line between menswear and womenswear as designers embraced the current blurriness to create pieces that are coveted by both sexes. It’s wardrobe envy both ways and it’s time to remember girls and boys, sharing is caring. 

See J.W Anderson, Astrid Andersen, Martine Rose, Shaun Samson

Denim Dreams

If denim on denim wasn’t satisfying enough its now become printed denim on printed denim, and who better to pioneer this brilliance then the denim saviors from Marques Almeida. A clear extension of the women’s line, and embracing the same attitude; an obsession with teenage years, the menswear collection is cool, raw and has a slightly defiant vibe. Universal and unisex, the denim duo is a dream for all. 

Glitter guys.
Anything goes for these guys, glitter hair, florescent rubber, PVC and an acid trip. These ravishing ravers got it oh so right in youthful club attire intertwined with fetish style fabrics and sporty silhouettes; slouched crouches, elastic waistbands and skin tight layers. A boyish adolescence was set alight with graphic prints and new fabrics and continued the popular 90’s vibe whilst also creating a portrait of a new fashion youth. 

See Christopher Shannon, SIBLING, Bobby Abley, Richard Nicoll. 

Clinical culture
Minimal men but maximal drama as the dudes clean up in clinical clothing. Unfinished hems, exposed seams eluded to a somewhat industrial idea of menswear. It was clean yet gritty, dirty yet sleek. 

See Matthew Miller,  Lou Dalton, SIBLING 

The Matrix
Space-age meets sport-chic to create a legion of Neo’s with ensembles fit to destroy the Matrix. Data cable patterns and frequency prints, over bomber and tracksuit style athletic gear with mesh and sheer details. Redefining two popular trends into one. 

See James Long, Craig Green

It’s a lads world.
It wouldn’t be LCM without the appearance of lad attire. The quintessential collared shirts, clean-cut shorts and a preppy boyish charm was celebrated with an edge. Floral and pastel prints added a crisp carefree attitude to the tried and tested style. Not to mention the perfect tailored suit. Burberry returned to menswear proving the dapper dude is still current. You can’t go wrong.

See Margaret Howell, Paul Smith, Rag & Bone, Alan Taylor, 

Dark dudes. 
Vampiric broody boys glided down the Alexander McQueen runway in gothic procession. The show articulated the longevity of this new goth trend is still going strong and Sarah Burton proved she can make any style her own. The gothic lace laser cuts draped over full length jackets that occasionally shed a glimpse of a skull pattern.  Paired with the beautiful and intricate print details were tailored suits embroidered with black roses and the grungy additions of cobweb like-knitwear. It was dark moody perfection. 

See Alexander McQueen. 

All images & video via Dazed Digital. 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Fluffy Slippers.

Meet my new feathered friends.
I made these fluffy slippers using Marabou feathers, and was pleased with the outcome and obsessed with them I then made a flatform pair in white! 
I don't care if I get scared when I take these babies out for a spin, they are just too damn good. 

Also, I have a new obsession with the app gifboom and as you can see below created a lil gif based around my new fluffy slippers. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Goodtime Studios & Atelier Present RMIT 2012 Grad Pop-up Store.

Last weekend at Goodtime Studios in Melbourne the 2012 Graduates from RMIT hosted a launch party and pop-up store to sell their wears.
I went on over for a browse and shot some stuff for you guys to take a look at.
It was great to see the talent that keeps being produced at RMIT, and to see events like this more regularly would definitely benefit the up and coming designers and artists in Melboure. 

Featured RMIT Students:
Tanya Rapaic
Jovana Margetic
Lauren Slaviero
Sunjit Bhatt
Hannah Fry
Fozia Akalo
Perle Gorjux
Jack Hancock
Amanda May Lee
Wei Lan
Nixi Killick
Inès Carmody Fowler
Lauren Bardin
Simona Roeder
Marek Marchi
Kara Liu
Jiwon Ahn